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Week #19: A Touch of Suspense by Kathryn J. Bain


The Visitor
(The First in the KT Morgan Series)
“The Tension builds on each page.”
When Christine Westman bumps against a stranger in a Jacksonville supermarket, the killer gives her only one month to live. He moves into Christine’s walk-in closet and watches her nightly preparing for the day of her death. Can Christine survive when midnight hits and The Visitor comes calling?
Small Town Terror
(The Second in the KT Morgan Series)
Winner of the 2016 Independent Digital Awards for Short Suspense
“This gripping story didn’t disappoint.”
Strangers are a rare commodity in Bisby, a small town fading away in a quiet corner of North Carolina. Liz Corman runs the town’s diner while her husband Billy tends to the auto shop next door. When KT Morgan’s vehicle breaks down, Liz reluctantly offers the intriguing stranger the use of their spare room. The drama that unfolds with KT’s arrival is nothing compared to what awaits Liz and the town folk, as three men head their way with revenge and murder on their agenda.
 (The Third in the KT Morgan Series)
another edge of your seat, hanging by your fingernails, suspenseful offering
Twelve-year-old Becky Sidleman thinks things might be looking up when she bumps into KT Morgan in the small town of Marshland, Indiana. However, two men on their way will show Becky that sometimes excitement isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

1st Chapter:



The Visitor

March 31

11:56 p.m.

A sliver of the Dallas moonlight sliced across Suzie’s cheek. Such an image with her dark hair curled around her shoulder. I flexed my fist with visions of my fingers twisted through that thick mane.

Standing over her. Waiting. Always waiting.

Suzie reminded me of my first one. She too wore only a pair of panties to bed. As I recalled, her underwear read “Bite Me”. So I did.

Why do you smile, Suzie? Are you anticipating me? I often heard her moan out in her sleep. I pretended it was me she was thinking about. But deep down, I knew the truth. Maybe she was dreaming of a hero coming to save her. Then he made love to her with all the fury of a madman.

Too bad there’d be no heroes tonight. And the only fury would be mine.

I glanced at the clock. It was just a matter of minutes.

What could I expect? There would be promises made. Promises she’d never keep if I didn’t have the advantage. How much pleading would she do for me to stop? Did she honestly think I’d quit when I was having so much fun?

And like most of the stupid girls in the past, Suzie wouldn’t have the guts to fight back. I’d never be able to continue if she tried to stop me. With the thin walls between each apartment, it’d be too easy for the neighbors to hear. But little doubt, she’d never consider it.

That was par for the course with women like her. Never thinking of other options.

So many things she had never considered this past month. Not even the fact that someone could be so close, watching her. Pretty things just don’t know how to pay attention to anything but themselves. Too busy worrying about how they look to notice the dust on the floor beneath the attic access door.

The only thing that had garnered Suzie’s full attention this past month was the full-length mirror on the bathroom door. She couldn’t pass by without looking. Fools. All of them.

However, I should thank the person who created the walk-in closet. Such a wonderful room for watching you change your clothes. There’s nothing I like more than a girl with no tan lines. Each day for a month now, I had pretended Suzie was putting on a show just for me. Some evenings, it took all my power not to reach out and touch her skin.

I jerked my hand back before it reached Suzie’s bare leg. I was too close to mess up now. Within minutes, she would be mine.

What would be my favorite part? Feeling her tremble beneath me or the muffled cries? Would she whimper like the blond in Phoenix or lie there like that sweet Georgia peach? No matter. They were all the same with the tears raining down their cheeks as I stretched the duct tape over their mouths.

Look at her sleeping, like every night since I’d arrived. Thinking she was safely tucked away in her bed. Never realizing I stood over by, wanting her. Then I’d disappear into the closet to prepare myself with her panties in ways that would make her cringe if she knew.

And how did you enjoy our little game of hide-and-seek, Suzie dear? She never suspected someone actually had been moving her things around.

Such an idiot.

I couldn’t have been more obvious without stepping out of the shadows. If I opened her skull, would she even have a brain in there? Laughing and telling all her friends she had a ghost move in. Will you find me so humorous when you discover the truth?

The toy, sharpened and ready to play, was getting heavy in my hand. Anticipation chilled my body.

Tick. Tick. How irritating time was when it moved so slowly. But the longer I delayed my fun, the better it always was.

The glowing white numbers on the nightstand clock finally bounced over to twelve. Play time.

I leaned close to Suzie’s face. “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.” Her breath caressed my lips.

“Hmm. What?” Her eyes popped open. From dream to nightmare in seconds. Her gasp turned me on even more. Her bare thigh was silky beneath my palm. The zipper on my jeans tightened.

“Now’s the time.” I stepped back and smiled down on her. Why hurry? I had all night to enjoy myself.

Suzie scooted up toward the headboard, causing the light through the curtain to move to her throat. She was pretty and knew she could have any man. And she didn’t want me. My grip tightened on the knife.

I swiped my hand over my mouth to keep from salivating, thinking about what I’d do to her. I walked over and turned on the light in the closet. A glow now framed her body.

She swallowed hard. Her hand reached over and pulled the extra pillow across her body.

I laughed. Like I hadn’t seen all she had to offer already.

“You won’t be needing that.” I tore her protection away and tossed it to the floor. My tongue stroked my lips. I spun the knife in my hand.

“Please. Don’t.” She bent her trembling legs up to her chest.

She would definitely do for now. Then in a month or two, I’d find another idiot to play with. And the police would never find me. I’d always be one step ahead. Fools. All of them.

“Who … who are you?”

I knew she wouldn’t remember. She shouldn’t have turned me down for a dance at the club. Too many others gave her their attention. But tonight I would get what I wanted.

Leaning to her ear, I whispered, “I’m your ghost.” I paused for effect. “Boo.”

Her arm trembled beneath my hand. Her hair smelled of apple shampoo.

“What do you want?” Her voice shook.
I chuckled. Why do they always ask when they already know?


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  1. I am hooked. So full of suspense!
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    1. I love suspense, especially psychological. It seems to keep your heart racing long after the story is finished.

    2. Yes! Usually they aren't books I want to read, but inspirational fiction in this category? I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for sharing with us!

    3. Thanks for stopping by, Sally.

  2. Hi, Sally. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek. The winner will be announced next Monday, 5/15. Good luck!

    1. Mary, I am so happy you are sharing authors' works. I have several authors I wouldn't have otherwise. Thank you!!

    2. You are so welcome! I am going to forward a copy of Kathryn's book to you. Happy reading!

  3. Congratulations, Sally. Sorry everyone for being out of the loop for a couple of days. My mother is having health issues and has no Wi-Fi at her house. Take care, and keep reading!

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