Monday, January 16, 2017

Week #3: Angels Unaware by Rachel J. Good


Sometimes God sends angels into our lives…

Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect way to make friends. At least, Mark Daniels thinks they are. He hopes to forget his painful past and start over in new neighborhood. Everyone is warm and welcoming—everyone that is, but the dragon lady next door. She rebuffs all overtures of friendship and declines Mark’s invitations to church. But then he meets a stranger who brings him an unexpected message. Could this stranger be an angel?Jasmine Avery doesn’t trust men, especially not handsome ones who come bearing gifts. She’s been badly hurt and has walled herself off from love. Reluctantly, she agrees to attend church with Mark on Easter Sunday, not realizing how it will change her life and her future. But soon after she discovers the secret to a happy life, her whole world turns upside-down. Will these unexpected changes prove Mark can’t be trusted? Or can she and Mark overcome their past heartbreaks to forge a new life together? 


1st Chapter:

Mark Daniels enjoyed a challenge. And his next-door neighbor certainly was that.

He slid the spatula under the last crisp cookie and lifted it off the baking sheet. The heavenly scent of melting chocolate filled the room. No one could resist his homemade chocolate chip cookies. They’d helped him make friends with everyone in the neighborhood—so far. And reaching out to others was a good way to keep sorrow at bay.

Once the cookies cooled, he headed next door. He whistled as he mounted the steep brick steps to his next-door neighbor’s porch. Whistling made him feel braver. But the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach made him want to set the cookies on the stoop and run. The few times he’d seen her face, it had been screwed up into a scowl.
He said a quick prayer for courage and knocked. The curtain beside the front door twitched, then fluttered back into place. She was home.
He waited. And waited. Perhaps she didn’t open her door to strangers. He knocked once more and then headed for the wicker porch furniture. He’d set the cookies on the table.
The door opened a crack. “What do you think you’re doing?”
Mark turned. The woman’s narrowed eyes and belligerent stance made him quake. He took a step back. “” He held out the plate of cookies.
“What’s that?”
Mark took a deep breath and regained his composure. He smiled and started his usual spiel. “Hi, I’m Mark Daniels, and I just moved into the neighborhood—”
“I know.” She didn’t sound too pleased. “That’s not what I asked. What’s that in your hands?”
“Oh, these? I baked chocolate chip cookies and thought I’d share some with you.”
“Do you know what chocolate does to your system?” she demanded. “I never touch chocolate.”
“I see. I’m sorry. Perhaps you’d prefer oatmeal raisin or some other kind?
“Absolutely not. I never eat sugar. It rots your teeth.”
That explained why she was so thin. So much for cookies then. He wracked his brain for another offering. “A meal perhaps? I make great spaghetti and meatballs.”
She drew back. “A meat eater? It figures.”
Oh, great. He’d just offered a meat dish to a vegetarian. Could he have gotten off to a worse start? He shifted from one foot to another. “I always try to give each neighbor a gift—a thank you for welcoming me to the neighborhood.” Though she’d been far from welcoming so far. “Perhaps you’d like me to cut your lawn for you—?”
“I have a service.”
“Is there anything I could do?”
“Yes. Leave me alone.” She slammed the door in his face.
Mark cringed at the acid in her tone. So much for his diplomacy mission.

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  1. I haven't read anything by this author. This sounds great! She doesn't eat chocolate or meat? Will have to read this one!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Sally. We will announce the winner on Manday, 1/23. Good luck!

    2. Thanks so much for having me, Mary!

    3. It is my pleasure to host you, Rachel. Happy reading to all our visitors!

    4. Hi, Sally, So glad you were here. Hope you'll enjoy reading it.

  2. Okay, I'm caught and eager for more. A great start that I'll bet leads to a great ending.

    1. Hi, Sandy! I am so glad you came to visit. Check back next Monday as we will be announcing the winner. Best wishes!

    2. Hi, Sandy, Thanks for reading. Hope you'll enjoy the ending.

  3. I have read enough that I want to read the whole book! Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. This sounds so good!! I would love to read it!! Great blog! Blessings Diana

    1. Hi, Diana...I am so happy you stopped by. This story is amazing! We will he announcing the winner (and we will feature a new book) on Monday, so stay tuned!

    2. Thanks, Diana! I'm glad to see you here.

  5. Congratulations to Sandy! You are this week's winner. Rachel will be contacting you shortly. Stop by again for a chance to win another book!

  6. Wow this sounds like a book with one feisty character and one sweet man trying to make friends in his neighborhood..wonder what will happen with this very odd pair. Would love a chance to read this novel sounds exciting. Thanks for the opportunity

  7. Wow this sounds like a book with one feisty character and one sweet man trying to make friends in his neighborhood..wonder what will happen with this very odd pair. Would love a chance to read this novel sounds exciting. Thanks for the opportunity

  8. Now I'd like a cookie and spaghetti. ;)


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